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Online Application to Participate
마크 Terms & Conditions for Using the Service
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마크 Applicant / Contractor
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Exhibition items
Category of item Seafood    Fishery equipment    Marine bio    Franchise    Articles for ship    Etc
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마크 Booth Fee
Type Booth unit Cost Total Cost
Shell Scheme Booth USD 2,300 USD
Space Only Booth USD 1,800 USD
* We only provide the exhibition space / Minimum 2 booths (18㎡) required to apply.
마크 Guide to the Application for Participation / Cost for the Use of Additional Facilities
Classification Apply Cost Total Cost
(10:00 ~ 17:00)
Single phase 220v KW USD 70/KW USD
Three phase 220v KW USD 70/KW USD
Three phase 380v KW USD 70/KW USD
Single phase 220v KW USD 90/KW USD
Three phase 220v KW USD 90/KW USD
Three phase 380v KW USD 90/KW USD
Telephone(Domestic calls only) EA USD 80/EA USD
Water & Drain EA USD 200/EA USD
Compressed air EA USD 200/EA USD
LAN (Internet connection) Port USD 150/Port USD
Visitor management system EA USD 180/EA USD
* For Freezer / Fish Tank, 24 Hours Electricity is required.
마크 Business license File
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마크 Bank Account Information (Deadline:September 30, 2020 (First Come First Served Basis))
Beneficiary Bank Name Account No Swift Code
BEXCO Busan Bank, BEXCO Branch 320-01-000477-1 PUSBKR2PXXX

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