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Exhibition Overview

Title Busan International Seafood & Fisheries EXPO 2024 [BISFE 2024]
Slogan Future of Seafood & Fisheries, BISFE
Dates 11.6 (WED) ▶ 11.8 (FRI), 2024, 3 Days
Venue Hall 1/2/3, Exhibition Center I, BEXCO (26,508m²)
Figure 1200 booths 430 companies from 22 countries
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Organizers BEXCO, Korea Fishery Trade Association, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives
Supporters Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Fisheries Associations, Korea Overseas Fisheries Associations, Korea Fisheries Equipment Association
International Events Events Overseas Exhibitor Industrial Tour, Overseas Buyer Industrial Tour, Trade Meeting for Overseas Buyers, MD Meeting, Global Business Meeting, etc.
Symposium KOFFST International Conference
Seminars and Workshops The Korean Aquaculture Workshop, Busan Fisheries Policy Forum, Dietitian Workshop, etc.
Fringe Programs New Product Promotion, Seafood Cooking Contest
Concurrent Events Metropolitan City Fisheries Administration Committee Provisional Marketing

Exhibition Items

  • Frozen/Refrigerated Products
    • Tuna, salmon, mackerel, live fishes, king crab, etc.
  • Soft products
    • Fish cake, crab meat, fish meat paste, etc.
  • Salted Products
    • Smoked salmon, salted mackerel, dried yellow croaker fish, anchovy sauce, salted fermented dishes-pollack roe, squid, etc.
  • Processed Seaweed
    • Sea mustard, kelp, purple laver, etc.
  • Health Food
    • Seaweed pills/extract, kelp powder, etc.
  • Others
    • Sea salt, sushi, natural seasoning, half-dried herring, sunfish, etc.
Fisheries Equipment
  • Processing Machines
    • Sorter, stripper, packer, inspection for foreign materials, quick-freezer, etc.
  • Aquaculture Equipment
    • Smart aquaculture system, oxygen generator, air spreader, micro bubble distributor, underwater drone, air pump, chiller, sterilizing system, thermoregulator, auto feeder, etc.
  • Boat/Equipment
    • LED fish-luring lights, fish-pumps, otter board, fuel saving device, underwater camera, fuel filter, etc.
  • Fishing Gear/Net/Buoy
    • Articles for ship, tuna tackle, copper alloy fish cage, eco-friendly buoy, etc.
  • HACCP Equipment and facilities
    • Waterproof flooring, etc.
Processing & Packaging
  • Packaging Equipments
    • Weighing/counting machines, filling machines, vacuum packaging machines, banding machines, taping machines, box making machines, and other external packaging machines.
  • Packaging materials
    • Paper products, cardboard products, other paper-based products, films, plastics, glass bottles, and other packaging materials.
  • Packaging material converting equipment
    • Manufacturing equipment for bags/pouches, slitters, plastic molding machines, air cushion manufacturing machines, and other processing equipment.
  • Packaging inspection/testing equipment
    • Pin hole inspection machines, X-ray inspection machines, metal detectors/ external material detection machines, print inspection machines, weight sorters, and other inspection and testing equipment.
  • Packaging labels/digital printing
    • Printing machines, printers, labels, overprinting, converting technology, digital label printers, dyes, cutters, rollers, ink, coatings, etc.
  • Packaging Robots
    • Articulated robots, parallel-link robots, packaging robot line systems, robotic palletizers.
  • Packaging plant engineering systems and parts
  • Packaging design, related associations/organizations and media
Marine and Fisheries Start-up Investment Support
  • Promote the fisheries industry start-up investment support project.
  • phytoplankton, lactobacillus for food, kelp extract, natural fermentation seasoning, processed functional sea salt, and seaweed Fucoidan.
Special Pavillion
  • Smart farming, halal seafood, institutional food service.